Double Germany-Holland-Denmark Podium in Arezzo

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Double Germany-Holland-Denmark Podium in Arezzo

The Team Championship competition at the 2014 European Junior and Young Riders Championships in Arezzo, Italy, came to a conclusion today Thursday 10 July 2014 with a double Germany-Holland-Denmark podium in both the junior and young riders division. While last year riders and spectators got grilled alive by the summer heat in Arezzo, this year the weather has been much milder with a fresh breeze and rain showers cooling down hot dressage.

Germany reigned supreme with juniors Julia de Ridder, Ellen Richter, Jessica Krieg and individual winner Anna Christina Abbelen taking the podium first, followed by German young riders Juliette Piotrowski, Lisa Maria Klossinger, class winner Sönke Rothenberger and Florine Kienbaum next.

The Dutch team twice found a silver lining in Arezzo with juniors Marjan Hooge, Lotte Meulendijks, Jeanine Nekeman, and Rosalie Bos and young riders Denise Nekeman, Jeanine Nieuwenhuis, Anne Meulendijks and Stephanie Kooijman beaming from head to toe.

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