CEA firstly organize CECL Jumping in China

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CEA firstly organize CECL Jumping in China

China equestrian sports have developed quickly in the past years in China. More equestrian clubs were established. Because riders and horses are becoming more mature, China Equestrian Association (CEA) firstly organizes China Equestrian Club League (CECL) Jumping in 2014 to improve the development of China equestrian sports.

The CECL jumping is a totally new competition organized by CEA. There are total 4 stations this year: 1st station on August 01-03 and 2nd station on August 08-10 were held in Inner Mongolia. The 3rd station on Oct. 17-19 is to be held in Shanghai and the final station on Dec. 12-14 is in Guangzhou. The 6 joined equestrian clubs are Shanghai Songseng Equestrian Club, Guangdong Camelot Riding Club, Beijing Zupin Equestrian Club, Bancheng Sheerwood Equestrian Club, Jiuyi Tianxing Equestrian Club as well as Yuanshangdu Equestrian Club.

The first 5 stars equestrian jumping competition in China, Shanghai Longines Global Champions Tour was held on June 06-08 before China Art Museum, which was becoming milestone of the development of China equestrian sports. The successful implement, the effort of municipal officials, high level competition by master riders and enthusiastic audience indicated that Shanghai is becoming one of the most important cities where equestrian sports will be held and the first top equestrian sports in Shanghai attracted many audience and attention.

Therefore, after the Shanghai GCT a lot of equestrian sports lovers are expecting the CECL Shanghai station although it’s still almost 2 moths from it. Moreover, many famous riders who attended the Olympic Games or the Asian Games will join the competition such as Zuping Huang, Zhenqiang Li, Bin Zhang and the young rider Yaofeng Li who attended the Youth Olympic Games as well as international riders from Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Hong Kong and Taiwan.